How to Start a Business With No Money the Fast Track Way

Only just a few years ago if you had asked someone how to start a business with no money they would have told you to talk to the bank manager. That is fortunately not the case these days as you can easily get an enterprise off the ground and turning a profit in next to no time with no money. The Internet has made this possible as it has erased the need to have a physical premises from which to operate out of.

In fact you really don’t need much at all to start an online business. You won’t even need an office to work from and you won’t need to worry about getting a logo designed for you or getting pens or photo-copier paper.

You can transfer all that stuff to the virtual world. So, learning how to start a business with no money means learning how the Internet works. And guess what? That is a minimal amount of information too, as the Web has come a long way even in the few short years that it has been in existence.

It used to be the case that the Internet was a technical place to get involved in. You had to know all the coding language and you had to know your way around the hardware and servers and all that stuff. That is not the case now as everything you could possibly need to run a business has been turned into push button interfaces.

It gets better as this stuff is all free. You don’t have to pay a dime to get a commercial Internet presence. You can get a website for free and you can get all kinds of designs for free. You can get the tools you need to customize your site for nothing. You can even get a free e-commerce store front that will allow you to display your products and take all kinds of payments.

Contrast this with the thousands it takes to get an offline business off the ground and profitable. It takes something like an average of $12000 to get a new business started. Who has $12000 lying around? Not too many people I’ll bet. So, if you don’t have the money to get your business running you will have to go to the bank and ask for a loan. And that is a whole different ball game.

Getting a website up and running, getting some products displayed on it and the getting interested customers to come and look at what you have got. That is how to start a business with no money. There is no need to go through the stress and the strain of taking loans out and putting your house up as collateral. You don’t need to risk your whole life savings to do this. Just pick from the many business models there are and get started. It is that simple.

Need A Business Mentor?

A good business mentor just may be the deciding factor whether your business succeeds or fails! It doesn’t matter what business you are in or if you are a brand new business or a business that has been around for a few years. A mentor can benefit you by giving you their experienced advice to help you create a profitable business.

In fact, even if you haven’t actually started up your business yet but are seriously thinking about it, a mentor will be beneficial to you too. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs only get the services of a mentor after their businesses are struggling. But if you are about to go into business for yourself, you can hire yourself a mentor and start doing what needs to be done to be successful… right away!

Someone who provides good business mentoring will have a different perspective and will be able to see more than you would. You will be involved with the day-to-day operations of your business but your mentor will be able to see the entire picture and will be able to forecast what you will run into months and even years down the road. The reason they will have this kind of knowledge is because they have already experienced these things with their own business. So make sure that you find a mentor that already has a profitable business.

A business mentor will also be there to inspire you with their knowledge and success. They can also give you a good kick you in the butt if needed. Remember, your mentor is there to help you out and tell you what you need to do to make your business profitable but they are not there to do the work for you. And keep an open mind and listen to your mentor. They have the experience and know what should be done.

So are you ready fort a business mentor? If you are about to start-up your business… if you have been in business for a few years but can’t seem to make a profit… have made a profit and want to move into a higher profit range… a mentor would be right for you. Why suffer through the aches and pains of business on your own. You can get a mentor that has their own profitable business and he will show you exactly what needs to be done to make your business a money-maker.

When One Door Closes in Your Business Another One Will Open

Yes, I’m sure that you’ve all heard this at least a thousand times but I want to give you a new spin on this old saying. Here it is…you must close someone in order to open up a long-term relationship with that person. Most likely, you are in some type of business. You may be an author, a speaker, in network marketing, selling real estate or simply in general business. No matter what type of business you are in or where you are in your life, you must be a closer.

If you meet someone that you know would be a great asset to your business, then take the time to explain to him why he should join your team, company, etc. You must close him on the facts about who you are and where you are going in life in order to open up a long-term relationship with him. If you want something in life, then you have to go after it. It’s not different in business. To close someone, basically means to show that person beyond a shadow of a doubt that becoming part of your business, mastermind team, company, etc. will change their life. It’s a decisive step that will lead to solid relationships. When you leave an event or business meeting without making an effort to expand yourself and your business, then you have left doors open for other people, likely your competition, to walk through. Show your strength and belief in who you are as a person by cementing that new business partner.

Yes, it is uncomfortable to be so confident but it will explode not only your business but your circle of influence. When you surround yourself with people that become part of your life with a clear understanding of who you are and where you are going, there are no gray areas. The majority of misconceptions are cleared up in the initial closing process. You will have to build upon those relationships, but you set a standard for yourself and your business partners and/or team members from the very beginning. No matter whether you like him or hate him, Donald Trump is one of the greatest closers today. He once said “If you have to lie, cheat or steal, you’re just not doing it right…My career is a model of tough, fair dealing and fantastic success without shortcuts and without breaking the law.” I have no doubt that all of Donald Trump’s business partners know exactly where they stand in their relationship with him, because he closed them in the very beginning on who he was and what he expected. You don’t necessarily have to be as abrasive as Donald Trump, but you do have to have the same type of belief in who you are and what you will accomplish. Whoever you meet must be able to detect your inner strength and not question your belief in yourself or your business.

The last challenge for you is to become a closer. This will likely take some time because you will have to build your confidence to the point that when you are sitting in front of a potential business partner or mastermind team member there are no qualms about who you are and where you are going. Are you strong enough to do this? I truly believe that you are. I told you from the very beginning that these eight facts were going to be uncomfortable, challenging, undeniable, and uncompromising. However, I also told you that these facts will enable you to live the life of who you truly are within yourself.

If you accept the eight challenges that I gave you and stop compromising on who you are as a person to fit some type of societal mold, then your life will change forever. The champion inside of you will emerge and the world will know that you…the person that you really are…has arrived.

Adapted from the book ’7 Principles to Live a Champion Life’ by author, speaker and international business coach John Di Lemme